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The Trust Workshop

Professionals, partners, and parents from around the world are learning what it takes to cultivate an environment and gain the skills that earn trust with the people we care about.

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In six countries since 2014.


Teams won back-to-back World Championship gold medals with Dr. Lance as head athletic trainer and strength coach.
USA Water Polo Women's National Team
Rome 2009, Christchurch 2010


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Sustainable Movement Module for chiros
The Trust Workshop


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Athlete who achieved Olympic silver medal while Dr. Lance served as performance coach for the Chinese Olympic Women's Judo team.
Xu Lili | London | 2012

> 2,000

Training camp participants

About Dr. Lance

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Dr. Lance is a Chiropractor, an Entrepreneur, and Most of All, a Teacher

Dr. Lance is an entrepreneur, chiropractor, and speaker. In addition to co-founding the world's largest chiropractic performance training company, he has been a world championship athletic trainer, Olympic performance coach, high school teacher, college professor, and creator of an online learning platform that invites students to free themselves from the casino-like social media platforms and engage in workshops and seminars that break the mold of antiquated education models.

Though best known for his movement training programs, live event facilitation, and speaking on the topics of trust, movement, and emotional intelligence, Dr. Lance also founded Athletes On Purpose, the sports performance and personal development company, in 2011 and continues to consult with athletic & corporate teams helping them build trust, communicate effectively, and perform.

By focusing on everything from eating, moving, thinking, and recuperating to how the ways that we think and speak change how we show up as professionals, partners, parents, and people, Dr. Lance has been able to motivate and inspire thousands of people around the world to live better lives.

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